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LeCouvent-Loft, An Old Convent turned into Modern Residence

June 24, 2011 by Robert Tacker No Comments »

We have shown you here several home conversions and it’s really amazing to see how many buildings that were once said ready to be brought down in the eyes of ordinary person like me can be turned into such amazing living space. For today’s home conversion project we come to visit to the city of Paris, which is very well known as a Fashion city, and the place that we are heading to is in North of Paris precisely at Val-d’Oise where you will find LeCouvent-Loft. This new loft was actually an old convent where it’s then the place turned into contemporary living space.

Covering 2,475 square feet and with some magic touch has turned what was once old into one modern contemporary home and of course it comes along with impressive modern home decor where we can say it’s the same to the luxurious penthouses you’ve ever seen at our site. It’s quite difficult to tell actually from the outside that it was an old convent and even from the inside, still it doesn’t even smell like one. So how do you like this 1769 old building which was turned into modern residence?

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